Are your Call-to-Actions (CTAs) actually driving conversions?

In today's digital age it is increasingly imperative for brands to invest in digital marketing. For brands who are new to digital marketing this can be a quite daunting exercise where many uncertainties can arise, such as:

Fear of lacking return on investment

Fear of messages getting lost in a sea of competitive adverts

Adverts not generating the required actions

In this article I would like to address steps you can take to improve the effectiveness of your Call-to-Actions (CTAs)..

What are CTAs?

Call-to-Actions are words or short phrases that prompts your target audience to take the required actions, be it for online ads, your website or social media posts. These clickable items, in the form of text, images or buttons, invites visitors to perform a certain action such as subscribing, downloading files or contacting your company.

Here are a few steps you can follow to improve your CTAs

  1. Define what you want to achieve.Create a CTA to drive this goal. For example, if your goal is to generate a marketing database, your CTA can be for visitors to subscribe to receive marketing updates from your company. 

  2. Understand what your target audience wants and give this to them as a result of following your CTA.

  3. Make sure your CTA stands out. For example, use contrasting colours on CTA buttons.

  4. Make your CTA brief and to the point. For example, "sign up", "download your copy", or "shop online now".

  5. Offer incentives like "sign up today and get 20% off your purchase".

  6. Don't neglect your website and landing pages. If your call to action requires people to visit a certain page on your website, your landing page and website should be carefully designed to also support your goal of the action you wish visitors to complete.

  7. Track and analyse performance. The beauty of digital marketing is the vast availability of online analytics tools to evaluate the performance of your online activities and to measure your CTA success rate.

  8. Test, Test, Test. Experiment, track and measure performance of various call-to-action messages or designs. Keep track of different tests and use this information to better understand what triggers the required actions from your target audience.

Thru Motion Marketing offers the expertise to help you on this journey.

Reach out to us for guidance on setting up winning digital campaigns.

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