Guidelines for marketing during Covid 19

It’s no secret that COVID-19 is shifting business trends and along with that the entire marketing landscape.

Business owners and marketers will have to start adapting messaging accordingly to convey purposeful, quality communication with audiences and maintain strong customer connections.

Marketing during Covid-19

Here are a few tips for marketing during COVID 19

1) Be Sensitive

  • Don’t come across as trying to capitalize on the situation

  • Present information and solutions helpful to people’s current problems or concerns.

  • Use positivity rather than humour.

  • Check in on customers and offer help and support

  • Only share content from credible sources

  • Check for insensitive words:

Avoid wording for example, killer discounts or contagious excitement.

2) Stay Visible on Social Media

The use of social media is increasing. Here are a few examples of content you can share:

  • What steps are you taking to protect your employees or customers

  • Let people know if you are still open for business, or if things have changed (only letting 5 people shop at a time / compulsory mask wearing)

  • Are you taking online orders and offering delivery services?

  • Uplifting messages and quotes

3) Update your Google My Business listing

It is crucial for your customers to have up to date information on your latest information. Whether you are closing your company temporarily or changing your operating hours, you should ensure this information is easily attainable by your customers.

4) Focus on Digital

As a result of this pandemic, marketing efforts will have to take a shift to being mainly online. There is likely to be an increase in advertising cost and competition but also an increase in customer interaction and conversion due to most customers having more time to take in shared content.

If you’re wondering how, or need help, to market during this time, be sure to contact us.


· We are all in this together

· We are all unsure, and NO ONE had a plan for this.

How you deal with this is what will make the difference. Communication is critical!

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